ALIEN WEAPONRY - Weltweiter Deal unterzeichnet

Neuseelands aufstrebende Musikstars und Teenager-Thrash Metal-Band ALIEN WEAPONRY haben einen weltweiten Vertrag mit Napalm Records unterschrieben! Mit einer solch beeindruckenden Karriere, die vor fünf Jahren begann, als die Bandmitglieder gerade 10 und 12 Jahre alt waren, und dieser einzigartigen Kombination aus Thrash Metal und M?ori-Kultur, ist Napalm Records sehr erfreut, ALIEN WEAPONRY in ihrem vielseitigen Künstlerverzeichnis willkommen zu heißen:

„Napalm Records is proud to announce the signing of the thrash metal band Alien Weaponry from New Zealand“ says Sebastian Muench, A&R of Napalm Records. „Besides the fact that they are the youngest musicians we ever added to the Napalm band roster they are also one of the most exciting and unique bands in recent years. Their combination of old school thrash metal and M?ori culture elements and language creates intense and energetic songs that should be highly attractive to all true genre fans especially those stopped listening to the Sepultura after the „Roots“ album. Kia Ora Alien Weaponry and welcome to the Napalm family!“

Die Band dazu: “Napalm is a great label for us to work with because their whakapapa (genealogy) includes a lot of thrash metal, which is where our roots are. So we fit within their whanau (family), but we’re also doing something different, introducing our own language and style. For these reasons, we think we will both grow and benefit from this relationship. “Being based in the tiny town of Waipu, New Zealand, we are pretty much as far away as you can get from the heavy metal centre of the world (which to us is Wacken, Germany), so this is a massive step for us towards establishing our career internationally.“


17.02.18 NZ - Wellington / Pao Pao Pao
03.03.18 NZ - Auckland / Auckland City Limits Festival
22. - 28.07.18 SLO - Tomlin / Metal Days Festival
02. - 04.08.18 DE - Wacken / Wacken Festival
01.09.18 DE - Hamburg / Welt-Turbojugend Tage

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