Nachdem sie mit ihrem letztjährigen Überraschungshit »Amber Galactic«, das zudem für einen schwedischen Grammy nominiert wurde, die Rockwelt im Sturm erobert und nach ihrer atemberaubenden ersten Europa-Tournee offene Münder hinterlassen hatten, wird die schwedische Classic/Progressive Rock Supergroup THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA ihr ungeduldig erwartetes nächstes Album, »Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough«, am 29. Juni 2018 via Nuclear Blast veröffentlichen.

Heute veröffentlicht die Band das offizielle Musikvideo zum brandneuen Song ’Lovers In The Rain’.

Das Video, ein Mix aus Animation sowie real gedrehten Aufnahmen wurde vom renommierten Künstler Elia Cristofoli von Solingo geschaffen, der bereits für das umjubelte Video zur letztjährigen Hit-Single ’Gemini’ verantwortlich zeichnet.

Seht das Video hier:

Die Band kommentiert: “’Lovers in the Rain’ is the soundtrack of the way it felt when you held the hand of your first true love for the first time. Happiness so intense, your heart beating so fast that it almost feels like a panic attack. And in the back of your head, you’re already mourning the fact that one day it will all be over. But during those first trembling moments, you know that nothing will ever be the same again. From now on, you will always compare every life experience to these first magic moments.

’Lovers in the Rain’ is an hommage to the anthems of our youth, the songs that made us believe that in every life; no matter how insignificant you might feel sometimes, you will someday have that experience with someone. Hopefully with THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA playing in the background. And believe us, we’ve all been there.

This song, like the whole new album, is about those moments when you transcend reality and might for one fleeting moment catch a glimpse of the otherworldly. It’s for each and every one of you, with love from THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA, remembering everyone we’ve ever loved and lost.“

Zudem wird die Band heute am Kopenhagener Flughafen aufzutreten. Die Show ist Teil der Neueröffnung der brandneuen Bar der international geachteten Mikrobrauerei Mikkeller. Die wird um 13 Uhr am Terminal 2 eröffnen und befindet sich hinter dem Sicherheitscheck - um also dorthin zu gelangen und/oder dem Gig beizuwohnen, wird ein Flugticket benötigt. Weitere Info und Hinweise, wie man eine gute Zeit haben kann, ohne wirklich zu fliegen, finden sich hier:

Des Weiteren hat die Band zusammen mit Mikkeller einen eigenen Cocktail, den “Midnight Flyer“, kreiert. Dieser kommt, exklusiv zu diesem Anlass, mit deinem Side Shot namens “Spacewagon“.

Die Band zu: “We are beyond excited to be apart of the grand opening of Mikkeller Bar at Copenhagen Airport this Friday. Not only will we perform an exclusive acoustic set at the opening, but our very own NFO cocktail will also be launched, together with a shot, to celebrate this special day. Mikkeller have created the perfect long drink for a night flight, or any flight for that matter. “Midnight Flyer“ is a modern “Scandinavian Flight Cap“, beautifully flavored with Mikkeller beer barrel aged 4 year old Guatemalan rum from Phantom Spirits, classic Danish lemon soda called “Citronvand“, gold dust and other secret ingredients. It comes with a shot on the side called “Spacewagon“, a Danish old school bitter. The perfect combo to beam you up, before your flight. Try it, exclusively, at Copenhagen Airport.“

Mikkeller kommentieren: “We love to collaborate with like-minded, curious people who’re into adventures and flavors, and coming up with this space combo together with THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA has been a great and fun experience. It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of NFO here at Mikkeller HQ and we’ve turned both friends and enemies onto the band, ever since »Amber Galactic« came out last year and blew our minds. What better way, while we impatiently wait for the new album to come out later this month, than to have NFO play at the launch of Mikkeller CPH Airport and Midnight Flyer + Spacewagon?!“

Hört und sehr die erste Single und das dazugehörige Musikvideo ’This Time’ hier:

Die Band kommentiert:
“Recording the video for our first single ”This Time”, was like combining different dimensions in a space cocktail. Numerous times during the video shoot, band members had to call the tax authorities, to confirm their names in the register, to make sure they had not lost all contact with reality. The result is surely mesmerizing and will take you on a journey that will be hard to digest. This is also our first video featuring the ”The Airline Annas”, our beautiful and super talented back up singers. They certainly made this video sparkle. The song itself, is the album opener and might not be representative for the whole album - no song really is, but we just like it that way. We make albums and each and every song leads it’s own little life and together they form a celebratory album with class, hooks and a bass that could walk a million miles without stopping for a drink. This trailblazer of a song used to be just ours, now it’s yours too. Enjoy!”
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