MANTICORA - Veröffentlichen neues Video

Danish Thrash / Power Metaller, MANTICORA, haben ihr erstes Video für den Track “Echoes Of A Silent Scream“ von dem neuen, kommenden Album “To Kill To Live To Kill“ veröffentlicht. Das Lied wird auch die Single des Albums sein und bei ihren Plattenlabels ViciSolum und Marquee erhältlich sein.

Manticora’s über das Video:
“This video is not your usual “Watch the band play their unplugged instruments“, as we wanted to do something completely different. We wanted to tell a story, which seems to be the case every time, we release anything, be it a book, an album or a video.
The video is a good and solid mini-movie that tells the story of the song “Echoes Of A Silent Scream“, with scenes from the story in the book that Lars wrote. The killer is there (quadrupled into four in the digging scenes), the victims are there and the eerie feeling of violence to come is there as well. We hope our fans will enjoy the first visual from us for 8 years.“

Manticora Live:
26.08.2018: MX - Mexico City, Foro Alicia (w. Persefone)
29.08.2018: US - Los Angeles, The Whisky (w.Persefone)
30.08.2018: US - Chicago, Reggie’s Live (w.Persefone)
31.08.2018: US - Niagara Falls, Evening Star (w. Persefone)
01.09.2018: CA - Ottawa, Café Dekcuf (w. Persefone)
02.09.2018: CA - Montreal, Le Petit Campus (w. Persefone)
03.09.2018: CA - Quebec City, L’Anti (w. Persefone)
04.09.2018: US - Boston, Middle East Club (w. Persefone)
05.09.2018: US - New York, The Mercury Lounge (w. Persefone)
22.09.2018: DK - Slagelse, Badeanstalten
29.09.2018: DK - Copenhagen, Kometen (w. Red Warszawa)
03.05.2019: NO - Karmøy, Karmøygeddon festival
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