WENDIGO - Neues aus der Wüste

Die Nord-Deutschen Stoner Metaller WENDIGO werden mit “Wasteland Stories“ ihr neues Album auf die Welt bringen. Erscheinen soll das Teil am 03. März.

Die Band dazu:
“The album follows a loose concept both musically and lyrically. Desert, solitude and loneliness are picked out as a central theme in their diverse shades, within the realm of the album’s concept these shades will be handled like different short stories with the same topic. Thus, the songs on “Wasteland Stories“ are diverse, yet follow a thread which can also be found in the band’s different influences. They are not only influenced by Stoner Rock, but claim that besides that, references to Doom Metal, Sludge, Classic and Hard Rock and even some Black Metal can be heard on the album.“

1. The Man With No Home
2. Desert Rider
3. Back In The Woods
4. Dagon
5. The Lonesome Gold Digger Pt. I
6. The Lonesome Gold Digger Pt. II
7. Iron Brew
8. Staff of Agony
9. Mother Road
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