Die Truppe rund um Ex-KILLSWITCH ENGAGE FRONTER Howard Jones LIGHT THE TORCH (vormals bekannt als DEVIL YOU KNOW) hat ein neues Album namens “You Will Be The Death Of Me” am Start.

LIGHT THE TORCH - Kündigen neues Album an

Das Teil wird am 25. Juni via Nuclear Blast erscheinen.

Den Track “Wilting In The Light” gibt es bereits hier zu bestaunen:

You Will Be the Death of Me has been a journey — even without the pandemic. This album has been emotional and rewarding in every way, and we couldn’t be more excited to finally release it. Maybe there was a bit of desperation writing and recording these songs. “Going through personal turmoil and watching Francesco deal with injuries, we knew this could change things drastically for us. The album was a welcome distraction, and we dumped every emotion we had into YWBTDOM. To watch Fran heal and become an even more complete artist in front of my eyes has been amazing to watch. Everything we went through individually and together with this album drew Fran, Ryan, and I together. I couldn’t be more proud of this album knowing I made it with my family.“Howard Jones



More Than Dreaming
Let Me Fall Apart
End of the World
Wilting In the Light
Death of Me
Living With a Ghost
Become the Martyr
Something Deep Inside
I Hate Myself
Denying the Sin
Come Back to the Quicksand
Sign Your Name



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