Der motivierte UK Metal-Vierer HERIOT veröffentlicht die neue Single „Soul Chasm“ und unterschreibt bei Century Media Records!

Die aufregendste neue Heavy-Band Großbritanniens, HERIOT, hat ihre neue Single ‚Soul Chasm‘ veröffentlicht und ihr Signing bei Century Media bekannt gegeben.


Die Band kommentiert:
„‚Soul Chasm‘ illustrates the internal struggle for peace, revealing our tendency to be unkind to ourselves and how the fear of failure can dim the vibrancy of our existence.

„We are proud to announce our signing with Century Media! The label is a monumental force within the metal world, and we are honoured to now become part of such an incredible legacy. We cannot wait to see what the future holds.“

Century Media’s Mike Gitter (A&R) sagt: „HERIOT are not merely a landmark band for this generation of UK metal but a benchmark for a new generation of heaviness. They meld the brutal with the cerebral in a way that’s uniquely theirs. HERIOT has carved their own path without compromise and Century Media is proud to be partners in that.“


heriot soul chasm HERIOT - Neue Single "Soul Chasm" und Signing bei Century Media




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