Die Progressive-Metalcore-Band RELIQA hat die Details ihres neuen Albums „Secrets Of The Future“ bekannt gegeben, das am 17. Mai über Nuclear Blast Records für alle Länder außerhalb Australiens erscheinen wird, wo es über Greyscale Records veröffentlicht wird.

Neben der Ankündigung hat die Band auch das Video zu ihrer brandneuen Single „Killstar (The Cold World)“ veröffentlicht.

Vocalist Monique Pym kommentiert:
„We’re so pleased with the feedback we received for Terminal, especially because it fuelled our excitement in knowing that Killstar was coming next. It really flips the switch – we’ve gone from an airy, introspective debut track to this spiteful, sharp-tongued groove that has some more worldly and politically-driven themes behind it. We think these two sides of us are the perfect taste test for Secrets of the Future, not because the whole album sounds like this, but because it shows we’re not afraid to take risks. Can’t wait for you to hear it in May!“

Die neue Single ‚Killstar (The Cold World)‘ seht ihr hier:

reliqa secrets of the future

Secrets Of The Future Tracklisting:
1. Dying Light
2. Cave
3. Killstar (The Cold World)
4. The Flower
5. Sariah
6. Terminal
7. Keep Yourself Awake
8. Crossfire
9. Physical
10. Two Steps Apart
11. A Spark
12. Upside Down


reliqa killstar RELQA - Neues Album + Single "Killstar (The Cold World)"




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