Die kutligen SUICIDAL TENDENCIES gehen wieder auf Tour! Dabe werden die Amis im Sommer auch Halt in der ebenso kutligen Arena in Wien machen!

“Still Cyco Punk After All These Years”… der Albumtitel von den SUICIDAL TENDENCIES ist Programm. Die fast schon legendäre Crossover (und Hardcore-, und Punk-, und Thrash-)-Institution rund um Mike „Cyco Miko“ Muir hat sich für einen Zwischenfestival-Gig für die Wiener Arena angekündigt.

Mittlerweile seit 1981 unterwegs, gaben sich bei SUICIDAL TENDENCIES aus Venice Beach viele namhafte Musiker die Instrumente in die Hand, u.a. Rob Trujillo, Jimmy DeGrasso oder Dave Lombardo. Aktuell tragen Rob’s Spross Tye am Bass und der frisch bei SLIPKNOT ausgeschiedene Jay Weinberg die Farben blau und weiß.

Also am 3. Juli, die Caps frisch nach oben gebogen und ab in die Arena Wien, wenn


feinstes West-Coast Feeling verbreiten!


Hier alle Tourdaten der SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Tour:

suicidal tendencies 2024 tour






Suicidal Tendencies was formed in Venice, California, during the early ’80s. Founded by lead singer Mike Muir, younger brother of original Z-Boy and Dogtown Skateboard founder Jim Muir, ST merged the essence of skating, surfing and the Dogtown area, with a new STyle of hardcore that brought a new crowd to punk and metal shows. Wearing the distinctive look with flipped up hats, hand drawn shirts and bandanas, ST quickly gained a notorious reputation and were banned from playing in L.A.

This wouldn’t stop ST. Blending punk and metal, leading to Cross over, called Skate punk and Thrash, Suicidal has simultaneously merged and broke musical boundaries. The aggressive music and full on attitude naturally made them a favorite of the extreme sports crowd.

Since the first release in 1983, the band has constantly evolved, and now has several Gold records and Grammy Nominations, was Inducted into the Skateboard Hall of Fame and had some of the biggest names in music, from Robert Trujillo, Thundercat, Josh Freese, Brooks Wackerman, etc.



suicidal tendencies tour 2024 SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - Live auf Tour ink. Wien Gig SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - Live auf Tour ink. Wien Gig




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