CLOVEN HOOF haben die erste Single aus ihrem kommenden neuen Album „Heathen Cross“ veröffentlicht, das am 31. Mai 2024 über High Roller Records erscheinen wird.

Die Band CLOVEN HOOF aus den Midlands gehört wohl zu den legendärsten Bands der gesamten New Wave Of British Heavy Metal-Bewegung. Die Ursprünge der Gruppe gehen auf das Jahr 1979 zurück, als sie sich zunächst unter dem Namen Nightstalker gründete. Im Jahr 1981 wechselte die Band jedoch zu ihrem neuen Namen: CLOVEN HOOF.

Ihr brandneues Album „Heathen Cross“ markiert die Rückkehr zu High Roller Records.

Seht und hört die Single „Last Man Standing“ hier:

Bandleader Lee Payne kommentiert:
„We are back now where we belong. ‚Heathen Cross‘ is CLOVEN HOOF’s most dark and heavy album yet! It has the Satanic undertones of our debut album, but with the best vocalist the group has ever had. Personally speaking it is hands down my favourite CLOVEN HOOF album. We wanted to recapture the spirit and the supernatural majesty of the debut album. Talking to the fans we have given them what they wanted most, a return to the roots of the NWOBHM. They are going to love it!“

Der Bassist ist in der Tat voll des Lobes für den neuen Sänger der Band, einen gewissen Harry „The Tyrant“ Conklin:
„Harry Conklin is a world-class vocalist. He is super dedicated and highly professional and we knew he would fit in the band seamlessly. His vocal performance on the new album raises the band to new heights, so I can’t wait for the fans to hear him. Harry is an astounding singer, he is so versatile. He can sing high, low and always with power and passion. He knows how to live and sell a song. Harry is like an actor telling a story, no one interprets my lyrics like Mr. Conklin. I can’t praise him enough. We should have worked together years ago.“

01. Benediction
02. Redeemer
03. Do What Thou Wilt
04. Last Man Standing
05. Darkest Before the Dawn
06. Vendetta
07. Curse of the Gypsy
08. Frost and Fire
09. Sabbat Stones
10. The Summoning

Lee Payne – Bass Guitar
Harry (The Tyrant) Conklin – Lead Vocals
Luke Hatton – Lead Guitar
Chris Coss – Lead Guitar
Ash Baker – Drums / Backing Vocals
Chris Dando – Keyboards / Backing Vocals


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