Die Shooting Stars von NOTHING MORE haben ein nagelneue Single für ihre Fans, die als Vorbote für ihr kommendes Album dienen soll. Das Video zu „Tired Of Winning“ ist ab sofort auf Youtube zu finden.


NOTHING MORE haben heute ihre neue Single „Tired Of Winning“ über Better Noise Music veröffentlicht. Der Track ist auch die erste offizielle Radio Single aus ihrem lang erwarteten neuen Studioalbum. Es ist eine energiegeladene Rockhymne, die den Zustand der Menschheit mit Texten wie „So will we steer this ship straight through the void / Or turn on ourselves and die out / Are you tired of winning? / Cuz it’s already over“ beschreibt.“TIRED OF WINNING“ ist ab sofort überall erhältlich! Das offizielle Musikvideo zum Song feierte heute ebenfalls Premiere.


Für mehr Hintergrundinformationen zu „TIRED OF WINNING“ gibt Frontmann Jonny Hawkins im Q&A weiter unten Auskunft über die Entstehung des Songs.

Letzten Monat gab die Band den Fans mit ihrem Song „TURN IT UP LIKE (Stand in the Fire)“ und dem dazugehörigen Musikvideo einen ersten offiziellen Vorgeschmack auf das neue Album. Der Song, der von allen vier Bandmitgliedern mitgeschrieben wurde, ist eine klangliche Absage an den gespaltenen, digital ertrunkenen Zustand der Welt und liefert Texte wie: „All my friends are dead / They all got fucked by the internet / All my friends are dead / Our brain’s bein‘ bugged by the media.“  Billboard gab einen exklusiven Blick auf das Musikvideo und veröffentlichte einen Kommentar von Frontmann Jonny Hawkins: “Something we’ve always pushed for as a band is to question everything. And I think we’ve just gone through a period where it had been unfashionable to question things. Because if you did, you were the pariah, you were the outcast, the other. For the last few years, I’ve felt like an animal in a cage, just pacing, and my teeth are showing more. I had nowhere to vent that rage and that frustration until we put it into this song. I think a lot of people feel this way. You saw it spill over into riots and protests. There’s all this stuff just pent up inside people. Thankfully, we’re going back out on the road soon, so I’ll have somewhere to put it.”

Das kommende Album ist der mit Spannung erwartete Nachfolger des 2017 erschienenen Albums The Stories We Tell Ourselves, dass der Band drei GRAMMY-Nominierungen einbrachte, darunter Best Rock Album, Best Rock Song und Best Rock Recording für die Single „Go To War“.

NOTHING MORE - Sind müde immer zu gewinnen (Neue Single online)

Johnny Hawkins im Kurzinterview:

Q: “TIRED OF WINNING” is a compelling song with lyrics that underline the very precarious position that humankind is in right now: “So will we steer this ship straight through the void/ Or turn on ourselves and die out?” What inspired the song and how it mocks the phrase “winning”?
A: We find ourselves in the same position humanity has found itself over and over again… at the end of a series of self made problems. When we wake up to this, we realize that we are our own worst enemy, yet we focus so much of our energy on externalizing our problems. This song is a bird’s eye view of human nature.

Q: Vocally, the performance is stadium-size and intimate all at once, putting across the urgency of the song’s lyrics. What was going through your mind as you sang with this level of intensity? How will you translate this message into your live performance?
A: This may sound a bit lofty, but when I sing this song I feel as if the entire universe is coursing through my veins. I get goosebumps because I feel in line with something I can’t quite describe… like an old familiar spirit shows up.

Q: The song ends with the lines: “Are we going to live this life?” How do you feel we as a people got it all wrong–and where do you think we might all be headed?
A: I think we all tend to lose the meaning in life by hyper focusing on it and romanticizing it. It’s a paradox… It’s like trying to grasp water in your hand; the tighter you hold, the less you have. The more weight you put on the “meaning” of your life, the less you feel connected to it. The purpose of life might be as simple as life itself… nothing more, nothing less.

Q: Musically, the song is very intense with unique sounds + a jarring rhythm that underline the chaos of this moment we are living in. Can you talk about the recording of the song and how you wanted it to sonically capture the song’s theme?
A: We wanted it to sound like aliens had a baby with a 90’s rock band. That baby grew up, dropped out of college and made our music video.



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