Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon) ist zurück mit einem neuen Star One Album mit dem Titel Revel In Time. Das neue Album erscheint am 18. Februar 2022 auf InsideOutMusic, mehr als 10 Jahre nach der letzten Veröffentlichung.


Heute freut sich Arjen, die zweite Single und das Video zum Eröffnungstrack des Albums “Fate of Man” zu veröffentlichen.

Arjen erzählt:
“This fast and furious album opener is the second video clip/single of the new Star One album ‘Revel In Time’. The lyrics are inspired by the movie Terminator.

For me this is the most Star One-ish track on the album, reminiscent of ‘Set Your Controls’ from the first Star One album ‘Space Metal’. The lead vocals are by the amazingly talented singer Brittney Slayes of Unleash the Archers and the virtuoso guitar solo is by none other than Michael Romeo of Symphony X. One of my own favorite tracks on the album. I hope you like it too, enjoy! 

1] Fate of Man 5:29
2] 28 Days (Till the End of Time) 7:21
3] Prescient 6:34
4] Back from the Past 4:50
5] Revel in Time 4:38
6] The Year of ’41 6:20
7] Bridge of Life 5:14
8] Today is Yesterday 5:46
9] A Hand on the Clock 5:52
10] Beyond the Edge of it All 4:52
11] Lost Children of the Universe 9:46

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